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Content/Cinematic Cuts

The experience of interacting with a Digital Person can be enhanced by the use of Content and Cinematic Cuts, which introduces a range of autonomous server-controlled camera cuts which respond to relevant objects appearing on screen.

This feature requires a UI which consumes the Content Awareness API and tags relevant on-screen elements, from which appropriate camera parameters can be inferred.

Enabling Content and Cinematic Cuts

Content and Cinematic Cuts can be enabled on a per-project basis from Digital DNA Studio. These features require a UI which consumes the Content Awareness API, available from smwebsdk version 14 or higher.

You can check that the current deployment has Content and Cinematic Cuts activated using the following scene method:

scene.hasServerControlledCameras(): bool

When Content and Cinematic Cuts is active, requests to manipulate the camera via persona.animateToNamedCameraWithOrbitPan will return an error.