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Conversation State

When interacting with the Digital Person (DP) it can be useful to know at a glance what state the DP is in. To this end, infrastructure has been put together that classifies the DP as being in one of the following ConversationStateTypes:

  • idle
  • dpSpeaking
  • userTalking
  • dpProcessing

There are no unique state transitions, instead all of the states can transfer to any other state. While any transition is possible, generally the state transitions will follow the below pattern except in the event of an error:

Subscribing to Conversation State Updates

After accessing the Scene for the Persona associated with the DP (how to do this is detailed in the overview) the ConversationState object can be accessed. The below example assumes that an instance of Scene called scene has been created. For more information on how to create and work with a Scene see the Overview

(conversationState:ConversationStateTypes) => {
// callback handling for conversationState updates

The callback will receive the current conversationState. If you are using typescript you can import the type ConversationStateTypes from the Web SDK. The API entry on ConversationStateTypes contains more information.