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Persona Configurations

This section describes the different settings that you can configure for the Persona Class. 


new Persona(scene: Scene, personaId: PersonaId): Persona


  • scene: SceneThe scene the persona resides in.

  • personaId: PersonaIdThe ID of the persona as received in a state callback.

Returns: Persona​



get onConversationResultEvent(): SmEvent

Returns: SmEvent​


get onSpeechMarkerEvent(): SmEvent

Returns: SmEvent​


Animate To a Named Camera With Orbit Pan

animateToNamedCameraWithOrbitPan(cameraName: string, time: number, orbitDegX: number, orbitDegY: number, panDeg: number, tiltDeg: number): Promise<VariablesModel>

Cut or animate to a named camera position, with support for camera adjustment.


cameraName: string Named camera position. The currently supported option is "CloseUp".

time: number Time in seconds for the animation to run. 0 indicates a cut.

orbitDegX: number Degrees of horizontal rotation around implicit orbit point of camera position (typically the middle of the Persona's head)

orbitDegY: number Degrees of vertical rotation around implicit orbit point of camera position (typically the middle of the Persona's head)

panDeg: number Degrees of camera pan. Orbital adjustment is applied before pan adjustment.

tiltDeg: number Degrees of camera tilt. Orbital adjustment is applied before tilt adjustment.

Returns: Promise<VariablesModel>

Conversation Get Variables

conversationGetVariables(): Promise<any>

Get variables will return the current conversation variable values in the promise completion. Completion/promise receives an object with member 'variables'.

Conversation Send

conversationSend(text: string, variables: VariablesModel, optionalArgs: object): Promise<any>

Send a chat message to conversation.


text: string Text to send to conversation.

variables: VariablesModel Variables to send to the conversation provider.

optionalArgs: object Optional arguments object (none currently supported).

Conversation Set Variables

stopSpeaking(): Promise<any>

Stop speaking.